1. Click on BOOK NOW or BOOK ONLINE NOW Button

2. Click on GIFT CERTIFICATE/VOUCHER  if you have ONE, if NOT Select the Service of Your Choice by Service Name

3. Click on the Blue Select Button

to Choose the Deal you Purchased or to Purchase the Service of your choice

4. Choose Appointment Date & Time of your choice by selecting AVAILABLE Button (click on calender to view)

5. Select "Guest Booking" or "Login/Registered Users"

If you select to Register, you can always Login to Change or Cancel Appointments.

6. Once you choose a selection, you will be asked to complete your Appointment with your name, email address, phone, and Voucher or Gift Certificate Code if you have one. If its a Service you have selected by Service Name and you don't have a Voucher or Coupon, the system will lead you to a payment page to pay online.

7. You will receive email and text confirmation of your Appointment.

8. If you have questions you may call us at 301-494-7600 or text questions or comments to 240-600-0172.


There is a 24 hour cancellation requirement. If you cancel your appointment via telephone or online it must be 24 hours before the appointment time. Vouchers are redeemed within 24 hour period of your appointment, if the appointments have not been cancelled in the allotted time. Appointments that result in a less than 24 hour cancellation notice will still have vouchers honored, after the $25 cancellation fee is paid per our policy. If you reschedule via the online booking, the fee has to be paid prior to the start of service for the rescheduled time. If you call on the phone to reschedule, the fee will be taken at the time of the rescheduled appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS