Callione Beauty & Gaea Juice Bar

Callione Beauty is a Wellness Spa with a Raw Juice Bar. The best of both World's. Our philosophy is for our clients to be beautiful and healthy inside and out! Our Slimming Body Wrap coupled with our Organic Juice Cleanse, healthy eating, moderate exercise, will put you on a path to great health while feeling and looking beautiful inside and out! We specialize in Detox Body Treatments, Infrared Sauna Session and Vibration Therapy.

Choose Detox Body Treatment or Slimming Body Wrap or Infrared Sauna Sessions

Are you looking for a wellness day spa where you can detox naturally with slimming body wrap and sauna treatments? Or a place to lose inches off your waist for a slender look? Or maybe you want to detox and flush toxins out of your body with the additional benefits of weight loss? At Callione Beauty, we are “The Slimming Body Wrap Experts”. Yes we are! Our wellness spa is one of the best spas in the Washington DC area (DMV) that offers full slimming body wraps and Detox treatments along with Organic Juice Cleanse. We believe the "Best You" should be beautiful inside and out and not just out! Call Us at 301-494-7600 or E-Mail us